When you’ve got thousands of customers, jobs or even hundreds of service items in QuickBooks Online, it can become difficult to manage this data. Workyard makes this easy by allowing you to auto import & update customers, jobs and service items directly from QuickBooks Online to Workyard at the click of a button.

How to Turn On Auto Import & Update Setting

  1. Ensure your account is already connected to QuickBooks Online. To check this, login via workyard.com and go the integrations menu item in the bottom left hand corner. If you're not connected, follow the prompts to set up your connection.

  2. Once you've verified you're connected, click on the "Settings" menu item, in the top right hand corner.

  3. Then, select "Organization".

  4. Under settings, select the "Integrations" Tab.

  5. Under the QuickBooks Online option, there are two auto syncing options you can switch on:

    1. Auto Import: Automatically imports any active customers, jobs or service item from QuickBooks Online to Workyard.

    2. Auto Update: Automatically applies any changes made to active customers, jobs or service items from QuickBooks Online to linked Projects in Workyard.

  6. Once the auto sync setting is switched on, Workyard will sync every 30 minutes for updates between business hours.


Here are the top reasons why customers, jobs or service items may not be auto imported or updated to Workyard.

QuickBooks Online Connection

• The QuickBooks Online connection to Workyard has been disconnected. Go to the "integrations" menu item, click "Connect" on the QuickBooks Online option and follow the prompts to reconnect Workyard.


• Your customer information in QuickBooks Online does not contain a billing or shipping address. This is required in order to auto create a geofence for your Project in Workyard.

• The display name used in the customer information matches the name of a project in Workyard that is already mapped.

• The customer is set as inactive in your QuickBooks Online account.

Service Items

• The service item name used matches the code name of a cost code in Workyard that is already mapped.

• The service item is set as inactive in your QuickBooks Online account.

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