The connection wizard will prompt you to set up a connection between your QuickBooks application and Workyard organization. Once the connection has been established, you will be prompted to sync data for the following pieces of information:

  • Employees

  • Workers Comp

  • Customers/Projects

  • Cost Codes

  • Payroll Items

This is a quick and easy way to both get data from your QuickBooks instance without having to type it into Workyard directly as well as ensure that once you export time that the two systems are in sync so the data will come over correctly and without errors.


Follow these steps to establish a connection between Quickbooks Desktop and Workyard.

Step 1

Select QuickBooks Desktop from the available systems

Step 2

Download the Connector and follow the instructions to install the application onto the Desktop of the computer where your QuickBooks Desktop lives

Step 3

Press the "Copy" button to copy the key displayed in the Wizard

Step 4

Double click on the Workyard application that you just installed onto your Desktop and paste the copied key into the text box and press Save. The Status should change to say Connected

Step 5

Back in the Workyard setup wizard, press the TEST CONNECTION button. If the connection is successful, you will be taken to the next screen.

If a connection is not able to be established, please follow the help steps provided on the wizard screen.

Step 6

Open QuickBooks Desktop from your computer and open the company/file that you would like to import into Workyard. Make sure that you are logged in as the QuickBooks Admin and switch to single user mode if you are currently in multi-user (as shown below).

Step 7

Click the CONNECT button. If the connection is successful, you will be taken to the next screen in the wizard.

Step 8

Toggle back to QuickBooks Desktop and you should see the certificate appear (if it does not appear immediately, please wait 30-45 seconds before trying again). In order to ensure the best experience, please select Yes, Always and check the box below.

Please be advised that the checkbox is to give access to pay rate information in order for Workyard to calculate labor costs and we will NEVER import anything from QuickBooks to Workyard without your approval (e.g. no Social Security Numbers or Credit Card information will be imported as given in the certificate example).

Step 9

Once you have accepted the certificate in QuickBooks, go back to the Workyard wizard. The page should now show "Certificate Accepted" and the START IMPORT button should be active.

Step 10

Click on START IMPORT and you will be taken to the screen where you can verify the imported data and enter any additional information that Workyard needs.

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