Adding a pay type and rate to a worker is a required action in order to track labor costs, which can be viewed in the cost allocation report. There are two ways to add pay rates to employees:

  • During the import process

  • By inviting an employee

  • Through the employee page

Import Process

As part of the import process, Workyard will pull in pay rate information from your accounting system when you grant permission.

if you do not grant permission or your accounting system does not support this feature, you can type this information in yourself as part of the import process.

Invite Employee

You can add pay type and rate information as part of inviting an employee to Workyard.

  1. Click on the INVITE button

  2. In the Pay & Overtime section, enter PAY TYPE and PAY RATE information

Employee Page

To add pay rate information via the Employee page:

  1. Navigate to the Employees menu item

  2. Click on the Employee who you would like to add pay information

  3. Add pay type and rate in the designated place

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