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How To Tag Projects & Cost Codes
How To Tag Projects & Cost Codes

In the mobile app, you can add a project, location, and cost code as part of the time card creation process

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How It Helps

By tagging your projects in Workyard, your company benefits because Workyard provides them better visibility into the profitability of each job, allowing them to continue making the improvements required to grow the company.

How to Tag Projects & Cost Codes to a Time Card

  1. After clocking in, tap Tag Projects or Projects - Select.

  2. Select the start time of the project to ensure that there isn't any unallocated time. The first project that you tag will default the start time as your clock-in time.

  3. Select a Project. Workyard will display all the visited projects in the Visited Today section. If you do not see the Project, you can either search for the project with the search bar or scroll through the Other section.

  4. Select a Cost Code. If your company assigned cost codes to the project selected, you will be prompted to select the cost code that was worked on for the project. Note: To tag multiple projects or cost codes, tap Tag Projects or Projects again.

How to Review and Edit Tagged Projects & Cost Codes

  1. Review tagged projects. Tap the Projects - number of items. From here, you can view all tagged projects, delete any tagged projects and tag additional projects.

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