In order to align the time cards in Workyard to the payroll definitions in QuickBooks Desktop (e.g. Regular time, Overtime, Double time), each employee must have payroll items defined. This will allow the time to come over to QuickBooks in the correct format.

QuickBooks Setup

In order to define payroll items for your employees in QuickBooks, navigate to the employee's Payroll Info section and select or "Add New" payroll item.

If you add a new payroll item, be sure to select the appropriate choice as Workyard only supports "Hourly Wages" for hourly and "Annual Salary" for salary.

Once these payroll items have been set up in QuickBooks, they will automatically be pulled over to Workyard as part of the export process. Select the appropriate items for your employee the first time and it will be saved so you can verify and/or change this selection on the next import if you like.

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