Workyard recommends using the Workyard Sync Manager to connect to your instance of QuickBooks Desktop. However, if you choose to use the file upload, please follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Download Template from Workyard

Download the template file provided by Workyard using the link provided

Step 2 - Upload Template to QuickBooks

1. Upload the file to QuickBooks Desktop by selecting Memorized Report List from the Reports-->Memorized Reports menu

2. Select Import Template... from the Memorized Report dropdown and select the .QBR file that you just downloaded from Workyard

Step 3 - Export CSV out of QuickBooks

1. Double click on Employee Workyard Info report that should now appear

2. Export the report to CSV by selecting the Excel button and choosing Create New Worksheet

3. Save the file as Employee Workyard Info

Step 4 - Upload CSV to Workyard

Drag and drop the Employee Workyard Info.csv file that you just exported into Workyard and click NEXT

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