Set Up Your Time & Location Settings

Configure your preferences for how you'd like to track time & locations for your team

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How It Helps

You might not want your workers to edit their timesheets? Or, you may want to ensure all time cards have time assigned to projects? Using Workyard, you can customize your team tracking preferences to suit your needs.

How to Configure Your Time & Location Settings

  1. Log in on on your computer. Click on the Settings menu item in the top right hand corner.

  2. Click on Organization

  3. From the Settings Tab, go the Time & Location tab. From here you'll be able to configure the following options:

    • Time Card Editing: Switch this on/off to allow team members who are clocking in to edit start or finish times on their time cards

    • Auto Job Costing: Switch this on/off to require team members who are clocking in to tag time to project or cost codes

    • Location Tracking; Switch this on/off to require GPS tracking to be switched on while clocked in

    • Split Time Cards: Switch this on/off if you have team members who will be working night shifts to split time cards daily at midnight


Can I change any of these settings for a specific team members?

Yes you can. When you update Organization Settings it will update the settings for all team members within your account. Although, you can navigate to the Team Members menu item to change the setting for a specific team member.

Can any team member on my account update these settings?

No. Only team members who have a role type of Administrator on Workyard will be able to access and update these settings.

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