More Accurate Time Cards

Capturing accurate employee time cards is something most construction company owners we work with struggle with. The list of possible pitfalls is long, but here are a few:

  • Employees clock in before they arrive on the job site

  • Employees forget to clock in when they arrive

  • Employees forget to clock out when they leave the job site

If you catch these mistakes early it results in lots of back and forth manual work to get them right. If you don't catch them the overpayments in labor costs could make the results much worse.

To help you avoid wasting your time and racking up unnecessary labor costs, Workyard provides you actual employee arrival and departure times from your projects.

Here's How It Works

With Workyard you can quickly set up all of your projects with their physical addresses. Workyard uses that location to create a geofence that automatically recognizes when any employee using the Workyard app arrives or departs the job site. In order for Workyard to accurately create time cards your employees must have location data enabled.

Let's cover the 3 different time tracking issues we introduced at the beginning of this article.

Employee clocks in before they arrive on the job site

If one of your employees clocks in before they arrive on your geofenced project or edits their time card to reflect an earlier start time, you'll have a clear audit trail showing their actual arrival time.

Notice in the example below how the employee start time on their time clock shows 12:34pm, but their actual arrival time to the geofenced project is 1:36pm.

If the employee did not have company business to tend to prior to arriving on the job site you'll be able to edit their time clock on the spot and ask them to explain the discrepancy.

Employees forget to clock in when they arrive

When employees arrive to a geofenced project that you've added in Workyard the geofence recognizes they've entered and reminds them to clock in. Even with this reminder employees will forget and will ultimately clock in late.

Workyard gives you the documented proof you need to go beyond the honor system.

Let's say they arrive at 7am. Workyard will detect and record their arrival. When they clock in an hour later at 8am, Workyard will share their actual arrival time so you have proof when you approve their time card. The save you the admin work, Workyard allows your employee to edit their time card from their phone to accurately reflect the 7am arrival time.

Even though Workyard can record arrival times for your employees on your geofenced projects, Workyard never shares that information with you until the employee clocks in.

Employees forget to clock out when they leave the job site

The last example is when employees forget to clock out at the end of the day. As long as your employees are clocked in, Workyard records and shares their location data with you.

Let's say one of your employees leaves the job site at 3:30pm but fails to clock out until 6pm. When you review and approve their time card you'll be able to see the exit time from the project and all of the additional visits they made while they were clocked in. If none of the locations visited after they left the job site were for company business you can quickly edit their clock out time to 3:30pm. You can let the employee know you're aware they left the job site at 3:30pm and ask them to edit their time card when they clock out late in the future.

As soon as you employee clocks out Workyard stops recording and sharing their location data.

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