If you have multiple employees you’d like to import all at once Workyard allows you to connect directly to payroll or accounting platforms, then import those employees. You can also export your employee data from other platforms and use the template import feature to add them to Workyard.

Import Employees From Gusto and Quickbooks

Choose Your Platform

From the Team Members section of Workyard choose Import Employees.

Select the payroll or account software you wish to import Employees from. If you have not already integrated into the platform, you will need to follow the integration steps before importing your Employees.

Import Employees From A Spreadsheet

Using a different payroll provider or have employee data stored somewhere else? No problem. Export your employee data from its source.

Match Field Names Using Your Workyard Template

Download the Workyard template by navigating to Team Members, selecting Import Employees, then choosing Spreadsheet from the list of options.

Download the Workyard template and make sure the field names in your data export of employee information match.

Upload Your Spreadsheet

Once you've confirmed your field names match the Workyard template and your file to upload is saved as a .csv file you can upload it to Workyard.

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