More Detailed Job Cost Reporting

Cost codes help you segment your labor costs to give you an even more detailed view of your project breakdown.

How does it work?

Let’s say one of your employees is visiting a project you’ve already set up in Workyard and will be spending the day on punch related tasks. By creating a cost code for Punch each employee will be able to log their time by project and cost code giving you crystal clear visibility into your labor costs for each task and project.

You can set up as many cost codes as you'd like and apply them to all projects or only to specific projects.

Employees will be able to select a cost code with a single tap on their phone. They can switch to different cost codes throughout the day.

Adding Your Cost Codes

Add Cost Codes During Sign Up

During sign up, you can add cost codes with just a few taps. Workyard gives you a few sample cost codes to help you get started.

Add More Later By Navigating To The Cost Codes Tab

You can configure cost codes by clicking on Manage Projects in the left-hand column, then choose Cost Codes in the top menu.

Add Additional Cost Codes

You can add cost codes one at a time or import them directly from Quickbooks or by uploading a spreadsheet containing your data. There is a template in your Workyard account under the Import Cost Code link. Use that to make sure your data fields match.

To add an individual cost code click Add Cost Code.

Enter your cost code number and a cost code name your crew members can easily recognize like Punch.

Select the projects to apply this cost code to. This will help Workyard generate detailed job costing reports.

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