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How much GPS data does Workyard use?
How much GPS data does Workyard use?

Workyard uses pennies per month of phone data to create more accurate time cards.

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If you’re not providing phones and data plans to your employees, you might get asked, “Isn’t this app going to eat up my monthly data?”

The answer is a flat out no, but let us explain.

Your employees might be on an unlimited data plan

Many carriers are moving to unlimited data plans thanks to our insatiable thirst for all things internet. If your employees have unlimited data from their carrier, then there is no extra cost to using the Workyard app.

Workyard uses an estimated 10 cents of monthly data

Still, if your employees are on fixed data usage plans, carriers now offer a massive amount of data for an affordable price. AT&T offers 50 GB for about $70 per month as an example.

Our calculations are based on the AT&T plan above.

For employees that work 40 hours a week and travel between two different projects each day, Workyard only uses about 3 MB of data daily to give you precise job site entry and exit data, clock in and out times, and the most accurate turn by turn itinerary of any construction software on the market.

That 3 MB daily usage is .006% of your employee’s monthly 50 GB data plan. By the end of the month Workyard would only require about 10 cents worth of that $70 data plan.

Check for yourself

Your phone allows you to review usage from each app that accesses your data plan. On iOS you can visit Settings, then Cellular. We recommend scrolling to the bottom of the screen and clicking Reset Statistics then using Workyard for a full work day to see the usage for that 8 hour period.

You can review the usage of all of the apps on your phone during that period like in the view below:

Still an issue?

Many owners we work with provide employees a few dollars monthly phone allowance to erase any concerns about losing data from their plans.

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