Connect from your Workyard Account

Step 1: Navigate to the Integrations menu (bottom of the main menu)

Step 2: Click the "Connect Now" button for ADP. This will launch the Workyard app page in the ADP Marketplace in a new browser tab

Step 3: Click "Buy Now" and follow the prompts to add the Workyard app to your ADP account

Once you have received a confirmation from ADP for your purchase, your Workyard account will be connected to your ADP account and you will be able to import employee information and export time data to payroll.

Step 4: Export time to ADP Payroll by clicking on Reports-> Time Report->Export Time

Step 5: Navigate to your ADP RUN account and select "Time Sheet Import"

Note: If you do not see this icon on your homepage, you will need to contact your ADP representative to have it enabled for your account

Step 6: Follow the prompts. When you land on the time summary page, select "Accept Import Only" to ensure that the time sent from Workyard matches the time sent to payroll.

Step 7: Select Approve. This will send the time to payroll.

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