Export time from Workyard

When you are ready to export your time over to ADP, take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Reports menu

  2. Select the Time Report

  3. Review the time information for accuracy and select the pay period that you would like to export

  4. Click "Export Time"

  5. Click "Continue"

  6. Under ADP, select "Connect Now"
    - If you have not imported any employees who are submitting time, you can map them as part of the export process

If everything is configured correctly, you should arrive on the success page to indicate that time has gone through to ADP.

See below for possible errors that may prevent a successful export.

Approving Time for Payroll in ADP RUN

Once you have successfully exported time, you will need to log in to ADP RUN to approve the time for payroll.

Step 1: From the Home page or Home menu, select "Time Sheet Import"

Step 2: Select the pay frequency that matches the pay period that you set up in Workyard

Step 3: Review the time that appears and select "Accept Import Only" to ensure that the time recorded in Workyard matches the time sent to payroll.

Step 4: Select "Approve" to send the time to payroll

Sending Through Updates

ADP allows for updates to be sent through at any point before the time has been approved for the pay period.

Once time has been approved in ADP, you CANNOT make any more updates for that pay period from Workyard until the imported data is deleted.

If you would like to make updates after the time has been sent from Workyard to ADP, you must first:

  1. From the Home page or Home menu, select "Time Sheet Import"

  2. Select the pay frequency that matches the pay period that you set up in Workyard

  3. Click "Delete All Imported Data"

This will clear all of the previous time data that you have imported from Workyard. You must then follow the Export In Workyard instructions (see section above) in order to export the time back to ADP.

Possible Export Errors

  1. Pay periods do not match - the pay period set in Workyard must match the pay period defined in ADP

    1. To resolve this, you must contact Workyard support to update your pay period so that it matches ADP

  2. Time has already been approved for payroll in ADP - ADP does not allow for time to be submitted for a pay period in which time has already been approved.

    1. To resolve this, follow the instructions above in the Sending Through Updates section

  3. The "Time Sheet Import" tile does not appear on your ADP homepage.

    1. To resolve this, you will need to contact ADP support and tell them to add this tile to your profile

  4. Existing ADP Time & Attendance on your ADP account - if you previously used the ADP Time & Attendance product, you will need to ensure that it is completely removed from your account. Otherwise, ADP will prevent Workyard from sending time through to payroll.

    1. You may need to contact ADP support to make this request.

  5. Workyard app is not appearing for your ADP account - If another user on your ADP account signed up for the Workyard app in the ADP Marketplace, you will need to have them add you as a user to the app in order to have access from your account.

    1. They can do this by logging in to https://apps.adp.com/en-US/home -> select your name (top right corner) -> select "My Apps" -> select the gear on the Workyard app tile -> select "Assign Users" -> follow the prompts to assign additional users for access

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