How It Helps

With our QuickBooks online integration you'll be able to...

Import Data

  • Active employees as W2 or Salaried team members in Workyard

  • Active 1099 Vendors as 1099 team members in Workyard

  • Active customers as projects in Workyard

  • Active service items as cost codes in Workyard

Export Time Data

  • All time data in Workyard can then be exported as weekly timesheets to QuickBooks Online broken down by employee, customer and service item

How It Works

Start off by setting up the connection, it only takes a few minutes!

  1. Log in via Click on the Integrations menu option in the bottom left hand corner, then click on Connect under the QuickBooks Online Edition option to initiate the connection.

  2. You'll then be redirected to QuickBooks Online to sign in and authorize the connection to Workyard, click Connect.
    Please note: If you click "No, thanks" then Workyard will not be able to connect.

  3. You'll then be redirected back to Workyard. The QuickBooks Online option will now display a Disconnect button, indicating it's successfully connected!

4. After you've set up your connection, you can now go to Team Members or Project hub and select the import option to pull in employees, vendors, customers and service items from your QuickBooks Online account.

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