Workyard's accurate GPS time clock makes it easy for your employees to generate the most accurate time cards in construction. But there are occasions when your employees may not create their own time cards:

  • Employees don't have their own smartphone

  • Employee doesn't create a time card on any given day

  • You're less concerned with tracking location and just want an easy way for supervisors or admin to create time cards

Workyard provides two ways to bulk create time cards on the web:

  1. Select multiple workers as part of the "Create" time card process

  2. Copy an existing time card's information for multiple workers

Select Multiple Workers As Part of Time Card Creation

Workyard gives you the ability to create time cards for multiple workers at once. By using this process, the exact same information will be used for every worker's time card that you create.

Step 1 - Select Create from the Time Cards menu

Step 2 - Select all of the workers for whom you'd like to create a time card

Step 3 - Fill out all of the information for the time card

Step 4 - Select Add Time Entry

Copy Time Card

Select "Make Copies" on a completed time card in order to create duplicates for other workers. This may be especially helpful when a supervisor is working with a dedicated crew of employees. You can simply copy that supervisors time card to all the employees on their crew.

Step 1 - Select the time card to copy

Step 2 - Select "Make Copies"

Step 3 - Select all of the workers for whom you'd like to create a time card

Step 4 - Select Add Time Entry

Once time cards have been created in Workyard you may want in an easier way to edit them in bulk.

Check out this article to learn more about bulk editing of time cards on the web.

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