In addition to using the information provided in the error message provided, please follow the troubleshooting steps below to ensure that your Quickbooks is available for connection:

  1. Confirm that the computer where Quickbooks lives is powered on

  2. Confirm that the internet connection to that computer is active

  3. Confirm that you are logged into Quickbooks as the Admin, in single user mode, and it is open to the appropriate company file

  4. Confirm that the Workyard Sync Manager application has a "Connected" status, in blue font, with a valid token.

    1. As an additional troubleshooting step, you can reset the Workyard Sync Manager by clicking Edit and then clicking Save. Please give it up to 10-15 seconds for the status to return to "Connected" in blue font.

  5. If all else fails, reboot your computer, relaunch the Workyard Sync Manager, and log back into the Quickbooks company file

If you are unable to resolve the issue by taking the steps above, please contact Workyard support via the chat button and provide results of the steps taken above

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