All time collected for team members, projects, and cost codes can be exported from Workyard and uploaded to the following integrations:

  • Sage 300

  • Sage 50

  • Paylocity

  • Paychex

  • Computer Ease

  • Rippling

  • And many more...

How It Works

First step is to contact us to let us know which integration option you would like to use. Our team will configure your account to produce the appropriate file format. After your account has been configured, you can follow the instructions below.

  1. From, Go to the Reports > Time Report > Select a pay period > Click on Export Time button

  2. Click on the Export button for your integration, a pop up will appear asking if you'd like to proceed, click 'Go to file export'

  3. A new page will open called the Workyard File Exporter. From here, you'll be asked to enter a Target ID for any employees, projects or cost codes included in your export. The target ID represents the unique identifier (ID) from your external integration that you would like to map Workyard date to. Entering the Target ID is optional.

  4. Click on the Save Changes button once you have entered the Target IDs. Your Target IDs will be stored and used again on your next export.

  5. You can also enter in payroll codes from your integration for regular, over time or double time. Entering payroll codes is optional.

  6. Once you've completed all of your mappings click the Download File button in the top right hand corner.

  7. To edit any previously mapped records, click on the Mapped Records button. From here, you'll be able to access lists of employees, project & cost codes that you have previously mapped.

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