How To Set Up An Import Template In Computer Ease

A guide on how to set up a Payroll Import template

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To import time by employee, projects & cost codes collected from Workyard to Computer Ease you'll need to configure a payroll record import layout option within ComputerEase.

  1. Open Computer Ease and go to the Payroll module and choose 'Enter Labor Distribution by Job'. Click on OK:

  2. Choose the File menu option, then choose Import from a File:

  3. From this window, Click the ? button next to Use Layout:

  4. In the import layout list, click New to create a new import layout:

  5. Click the New button to create a new layout.

  6. Enter Workyard as the description.

  7. Select Comma Delimited as the type.

  8. Check the Skip First Row box.

  9. Now you'll need to assign a field type to each column to match the file you've downloaded from Workyard. Click on Column #1, it will turn yellow once selected. Within the Field column, find & click on the field type you'd like to set, then click Assign to Field. The column will turn green once it is assigned.

  10. Once all the columns have been assigned correctly. Click Save, then click Close.

  11. You can now use Workyard as an option from Use Layout when importing Labor Distribution.

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