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How to Set Up On-Premise Foundation Configuration
How to Set Up On-Premise Foundation Configuration
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Step 1 - Set Up User

  1. In Foundation, create a user called ‘workyard’ and a password.

  2. Workyard will need the Foundation database server name and user password before the scheduled integration meeting.

  3. Confirm the pay codes for Regular, Overtime, and Doubletime.

Part 2 - Installing the Hybrid Connection Manager

  1. Install the provided MSI file: Hybrid Connection Manager

  2. Launch Hybrid Connection Manager from the windows start menu

  3. Click the 'Enter Manually' button and paste in the connection string from part two

  4. You should see a connected confirmation:

  5. If you see a ‘Not Connected’ status. Try clicking the 'Refresh' button. If that doesn't work, go to your start menu and launch the ‘Services’ app.

  6. Select ‘Azure Hybrid Connection Manager Service’ and click restart.

  7. Now close the Hybrid Connection Manager UI and relaunch it; this should fix the connection.

Part 3 - Test Workyard & Foundation Connection

  1. Schedule a time with our customer support team to set up your Foundation connection. You can do this by clicking the 'Contact Us' button on the Foundation section of the Integration page.

  2. Workyard will set up the connection settings in Workyard using the hostname configured in the Hybrid Connection, database server name, and user password in step one.

  3. The connection will be tested during the scheduled integration meeting with one of our customer support team members.

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