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Clocking In & Out from Start to Finish
Clocking In & Out from Start to Finish

Learn how to clock in, out and add lunch breaks using our mobile app

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How It Helps

Our mobile app has been designed to make it easy for everyone to clock in and out in a snap!

How to Clock In & Out

  1. Once you have been added by your company administrator, you will receive a Workyard invite email or SMS message to download the Workyard app.
    *If you did not receive an invite, please contact your administrator to ensure your email and mobile number were correctly added.

  2. Download the Workyard app.

  3. Log in with your mobile number or email.

  4. A four-digit code will be sent to your mobile number. Input the four-digit code to Log in.

  5. Tap Start Work to clock in.

  6. If this is your first time logging into the app, you will need to give the app permission for location tracking and physical activity. Please follow the prompts on the app to 'Always' allow location tracking.

  7. Tap Start Break to clock out for your lunch break.

  8. Tap Finish Break to clock back in from your lunch break.

  9. To clock out from your shift, tap Finish Work, review your time card, then tap Send


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