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Workyard allows you to easily download your company's time card data with the click of a button.

Download Time Reports

There are two different time card reports available for you to download. They are both located on the Time Cards page. The Time Cards and Project Time report provides you with different information. Below is a breakdown of what each report includes.


Time Cards

Project Time

Employee Name

Time Card Date

Start Time

End Time

Reg Hours

OT Hours

DT Hours

Break Hours

Total Hours Worked


Mileage Hours

Breaks Count

Break Start Time

Break End Time

Time Card Notes

Time Card Attachements

Worksite Address

Customer Name

Project Name

Cost Code

Download File Format




Can any team member on my account download time reports?

No, only users with Administrator or Manager permission levels can download reports.

Can I download time card reports from the mobile app?

No, the time card reports are only available to download from our website.

Can I customize the columns or data that appear in this report?

No, but you can easily delete or edit any of the CSV reports' columns after downloading.

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