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How To Add Notes on a Time Card
How To Add Notes on a Time Card

Learn how to add notes to a time card

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How It Helps

Easily document your work progress and communicate with your supervisors using Workyard's note and picture feature on your time card.

How To Add Notes to a Time Card

Adding notes to a time card in Workyard is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Clock screen and navigate to the Notes tab.

  2. Once you're on the Notes tab, you'll see a few options for adding notes to your time card:

    • Description: This is an open text field where you can type in any details about your work or the hours you're logging.

    • Select Location: Projects & locations will be automatically tagged based images attached to your note. You can also use the current location button or search to find nearby locations.

    • Add Images: You can also attach images to your time card notes. Simply take a picture using your phone's camera or select a photo from your existing album.

That's it! Once you've added your notes, they'll be saved to your time card and can be easily shared with your supervisor or team.

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