How It Helps

Every time your team members clock in, Workyard automatically tracks their driving activity on their time card. As a result, you'll be able to download reports on how much to reimburse team members for mileage driven or for expense reporting.

How It Works

Mileage & Travel Time Tracking for Team Members

The Workyard mobile app will detect if someone enters driving mode whenever they clock in with location tracking enabled on their timecard. When driving mode is automatically switched on, we'll display exact routes driven, calculate total miles and the time spent driving on the time card.

Mileage & Travel Time Report by Team Member

To download a time report that includes total miles and travel time for team members:

  1. Log in on your computer via

  2. Go to the Time Cards page menu item

  3. In the top right hand corner of the page, click on the Download Time Cards button

  4. Select the date range and employees that you would like included in your spreadsheet report. Click Download

  5. The download spreadsheet (.csv) will contain a column for Total Miles & Mileage Hours


Can I edit any miles that have been automatically calculated on a time card?

Miles automatically calculated on time cards can not be edited. When you download a spreadsheet report you can edit the numbers contained within the spreadsheet.

Does mileage tracking work offline?

Yes. Our mobile app will collect driving activity if the user is offline. Once an internet connection is reached, the time card with the mileage tracking information will be uploaded and available on your account.

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