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How GPS, Geofencing & Mileage Tracking Works
How GPS, Geofencing & Mileage Tracking Works

Learn how Workyard creates the most accurate time cards with its leading GPS technology

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How It Helps

Workyard’s GPS time clock app captures precise addresses, arrival, and departure information to give you confidence that every time card is accurate. And, all of this is done with zero setup of geofences!

How It Works

Clocking in with GPS tracking

A team member with location tracking enabled will be prompted once to permit the app to collect location and motion data when they clock in from our mobile app. To start time & location tracking, we require the following permissions to be granted:

  • Location tracking: Always & Precise Location On

  • Allow Motion Tracking

We require this level of permission to be granted so that our app can:

  • Detect any time a team member stops at a location and display the address and entry and exit times without needing a geofence.

  • Detect when a team member starts driving to draw routes, collect the number of miles and time spent traveling.

Each team member's location data will be updated every five minutes once they have clocked in and have a stable internet connection. Team members in offline mode will have their location data stored on their phones. Once they reach an internet connection, the location data will be uploaded and displayed on their time card.

GPS tracking information will only be shared between the start time and finish times of the time card. Note: Locations visited during break time will be hidden.

GPS Tracking vs. Geofence Tracking

Most geofence time tracking providers depend on geofences to detect locations visited. This can be problematic as there are many scenarios where your team may visit a location that can't be predetermined, or you haven't had time to set it up. Some others do GPS breadcrumbs, which is also problematic as it only shows a trail of dots, not specific addresses and time spent.

So, why does Workyard also use geofences for projects if our GPS tracking doesn't require them to detect locations? Our GPS tracking is enhanced by geofencing in the following ways:

  • If a team member is detected on a geofence for a few minutes without clocking in, we send them a clock-in reminder and store the location data for their entry time

  • When team members tag time spent on projects, geofences are used to display the most relevant projects to them to avoid mistakes.

  • It powers smart alerts on time cards to notify you when someone has clocked in/out outside of a geofence.

  • Explore your team's geofence activity, including entries / exists, notes & images tagged, and completed tasks & checklists in an activity feed.

Mileage Tracking

Every time your team members clock in, Workyard tracks their driving activity on their time card to:

  • Calculate the number of miles driven and travel time on every time card

  • Auto-assign mileage & time driving to geofences the team member arrives at

As a result, you'll be able to download time and mileage reports to work out the following:

  • How much you to reimburse team members for mileage driven

  • Expense reporting

  • Your team's efficiency spent working vs. traveling for a project or a work week.

  • What to charge your client based on how much mileage or travel time was used on a particular project

Our customer support team is always here to help if you have questions or need

assistance. Contact us at or message us via the Help icon.

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