How Scheduling & Tasks Work

Learn how we can help organize what needs to get done by your crew

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How It Helps

Avoid wasted man hours with our job scheduling app that helps you organize jobs and communicate to your team members exactly what needs to be done with checklists, photos and more.

How It Works

Start by navigating to the Scheduling or Tasks page via or the mobile app. From here, you'll be able to start plotting tasks that need to get done by your team.

Organize Work by Team Member & Project

Within Workyard, you can assign tasks to both team members and projects. This allows you to able to see work organized by every member of your team as well as the projects they are working on. In the task itself, you can further break down what needs to be done with checklist items and sharing documentation that can be accessed from the field.

Share Work Schedules

Once you've scheduled your jobs you can notify your team instantly. From the web, you can send work schedules notifications to your team by selecting the appropriate date range and then clicking on the Bell button.

Consolidate Communication

Easily share notes on a tasks to keep everyone informed of progress, store evidence the completed work or enable your team to access documentation while out in the field. In your project activity feed, you'll see notifications when you receive a note on a task.

Monitor Progress

Monitor how work is progressing with your team by tracking completed tasks, check list items and notes tagged on tasks coming from the field. From your project activity feed, you can filter for task activities such as completed tasks, completed checklist items and notes shared.

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