How To View Tasks

Where to go see tasks on your schedule & by status

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How It Helps

Scheduling on Workyard allows you to see what tasks need to be completed by your team or where you need to be, all while you're on the go!

How It Works

Calendar View

To view tasks assigned on a calendar login via and go to the Schedule menu item, or from the mobile app go to the Tasks menu item. From this page you'll be able to see tasks plotted by project, person, day or week.

Admins & managers will see tasks assigned for all team members within their account. Workers will only see tasks where they are assigned to or marked as a Task Watcher.

Task Status View

To view tasks grouped by their status login via and go to the Tasks menu item or from the mobile app go to Tasks then select List. From this page you can view tasks grouped by Complete, Incomplete or All statuses.

How To Filter Tasks

To filter tasks shown on either the Calendar or Status View, you can:

  • Use the search field. From the search field you can search by task title, labels project names, addresses and team members.

  • Change the All Tasks dropdown at the top of the page. Other options available here are:

    • Watched Tasks: Shows all the tasks where you are marked as a Task Watcher

    • My Tasks: Shows all the tasks where you are assigned to

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