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How To Schedule Tasks & Checklists
How To Schedule Tasks & Checklists

Learn how to assign work that needs to get done by your team

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How It Helps

Avoid wasted man hours with Scheduling on Workyard. It helps you organize jobs and communicate to your team members exactly what needs to be done with checklists, photos and more.

How It Works

How To Create A Task

Start assigning tasks that you'd like organize for your team to get done by logging in via and go to Schedule menu item or via the mobile app go to Tasks. Then, click on the +Task button.

To create a task you'll be required to complete the following:

  • Task Title: A casual description of what the task is

  • Team Members: One or more team members you'd like to assign the task to

  • Start Date & Time: The date & time you'd like the task to begin. If you don't have a time just assign it as 12:00am.

You can also optionally add more information, such as:

  • Due Date & Time: The end date & time you'd like the task to end. This can be a different day from the start date &time. If you don't have one just leave it blank!

  • Project & Worksite: The geofenced project the task is related to.

  • Task Watchers: List of team members who want to monitor the progress

  • Labels: Custom color labels you can create to signify a category, or priority level

  • Task Note: A longer description or file attachments of the work entailed

  • Check List Items: Specific items that you'd like the assigned team members to mark as complete or incomplete

  • Send Notification: This will send a push and email notification to all of the task assignees

Once you've created the task it will be visible to the task assignees under their Schedule & Task pages on the web and mobile app.

How To Send Work Schedules

To send a work schedule to your team of the tasks assigned:

  1. Log in via and go to the Schedule page.

  2. Select the day or week you'd like to send notifications

  3. Click on the Bell button.

  4. A Send Work Schedule dialogue box will appear, click Send

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