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How do I add a geofence to a project that does not have an address?
How do I add a geofence to a project that does not have an address?

Learn how to add a geofence to project using GPS coordinates

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GPS coordinates can be used to add geofences to projects that may not have a physical addresses or are located in a large area. Please note, this is not currently supported when adding a project from mobile apps.

  1. If you don't know what the GPS coordinates are for your project go to and drop a pin on the approximate location. After you have dropped the pin, you can right click and select the GPS coordinates to copy to your clipboard.

  2. Now, log in to on your computer. Go to Projects Hub and click on the + Project button and select Add Project

  3. On the Add Project form, fill out all the necessary details. Under Project Location paste in the GPS coordinates. A drop down will appear with a result click on the drop down result to select the location. Please note the gps coordinates must be in formatted in decimal degrees as shown below.

  4. Once you have selected the GPS coordinate result, you'll be required to enter a friendly name and click add to finalize the selection of the geofence.

  5. Finally, review the details you've added on the project and click Add Project to finalize the creation of the project and geofence

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