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How To Download Time Card, Mileage & Note Reports
How To Download Time Card, Mileage & Note Reports

Learn how to download CSV (spreadsheet) & PDF file reports of time cards with mileage & notes

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How It Helps

Access handy reports in PDF and spreadsheet formats for time cards being created by your team. At the click of a button you can download the following report types:

  • Time Cards (Detail) - A detailed report for each time card by team member:

    • Clock in, out and break times

    • Total hours

    • Total mileage & travel time

    • Notes

  • Time Cards (Summary) - A daily summary of hours by team member:

    • Total hours by day

    • Total mileage and travel time by day

  • Time Card Notes - All notes added to time cards:

    • Created date & team member

    • Note descriptions and attachments

    • Tagged project & location

    • Link to relevant time card

How It Works

  1. Log in to from your computer. Go to the Time Cards Page and click on the Download Reports button.

  2. The Download Report dialogue box will open. Under the Report Type field select an option

  3. After selecting a Report Type, configure what you would like included in the report:

  4. Then, click on the Download button to download the report file to your computer

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