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How To Download Project Time Reports

Learn how to download CSV (spreadsheet) and PDF reports for time assigned to projects and cost codes by your team members

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How It Helps

Using Workyard, you'll be able to download reports for time spent on projects and cost codes once you

How It Works

In Workyard, project time reports can be downloaded from the Time Cards or Project Hub sections.

Time Cards

From the Time Card section you can download time tagged to project and cost codes from all of your team members' time cards. The project time reports available are:

  • Project & Cost Code Time (Detail): A detailed report of clock in / out times, miles and notes by project & cost code from each team member

  • Project & Cost Code Time (Summary): A daily summary of hours tagged by project & cost code from each team member

  1. Log in to from your computer and go to Time Cards and click on the Download Report button

  2. The Download Report dialogue box will open. Under the Report Type field select an option:

  3. After selecting a Report Type, select what you would like included in the report:

  4. Then, click on the Download button to download the report file to your computer

Project Hub

From the Project Hub section you can download all time tagged to specific project and also break it down by cost code or group totals by different options, such as day, week or month.

  1. Log in to to Project Hub and click the row of the project you'd like to download a report for.

  2. From the project page, click on the Download Report button

  3. The Download Report dialogue box will appear. Select from the following options and click Download:

    1. Report Type: Select the type of report to download

    2. Date Range: Select a custom date range or select 'All Time' to download the entire length of project

    3. Group Totals By: Select an option to summarize the totals calculated by day, week or month

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