Using the Workyard integration you can say goodbye to manually entering time data into Foundation! With Workyard you'll be able to pull in new employees, jobs and cost codes at the click of a button. And, easily export all of your time data from Workyard broken down by employee, phases, projects, cost codes and trades to import back into Foundation

How It Works

We'll need your Foundation account details along with a few set up preferences to enable your connection with Workyard:

  1. Tell us if Foundation Software account is cloud hosted or on premise.

  2. Share your Foundation database name and the username / password of a user. If you prefer, you can create a new user called "Workyard".

  3. Tell us if you are utilizing phases and/or trades within Foundation

  4. Tell us if you'd prefer Workyard or Foundation to calculate your overtime

Once you have all these details send them to or your account representative and we'll get your connection up and running!

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