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Time Clock Rule: Auto clock in

Learn how the auto clock in by geofence rule works

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How It Helps

Using this rule will automatically clock team members in when they are detected entering a geofenced project. It helps ensure all team members who are on the job site are clocked in!

How It Works

To switch on this rule:

  1. Go to Settings > Organization

  2. Then, go to Time Clock Rules

  3. From Time Clock Rules, navigate to the group that you would like to apply the rule to

  4. Within the group, scroll down the Geofences panel and switch on Automatically clock in on geofence entry

Once this rule is switched on, in order for a team member to be detected within a geofence they will be required to have all location permission enabled for the Workyard app.

When a team member is auto clocked in by Workyard an auto clock in alert will appear on the time card timeline to let you know that the time clock was started by Workyard:


Do I get auto clocked in if I spend a short time at a geofence?

If this rule is switched on and you enter a geofence our app will only keep you clocked in if you stay within the geofence for over 5 minutes else the associated time card based on auto clock in might be deleted on its own.

Does this rule work if there is no internet connection?

No. In order to be auto clocked in the phone will require an active internet connection. If there is no internet connection the team member will be required to manually clock in.

Does this rule stop team members from clocking in if they are not within a geofence?

No. Team members will be able to clock themselves in if they are outside a geofence. To restrict team members from clocking in outside of a geofence, also switch on the restrict clock in by geofence rule.

When does the auto clock in alert appear?

The auto clock in alert will be displayed when a time card has been auto clocked in and the start time has not been changed. If the start time of the time card is changed, then the auto clock in alert is removed.

Our customer support team is always here to help if you have questions or would like some help. Contact us at or message us via the Help icon.

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