How To Edit Pay Periods

How to apply a change to your companys pay period settings

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Editing Pay Periods

To edit the pay period details for your company:

  1. Log in via and click on Settings button in the top right hand corner

  2. Then select, Organization

  3. From Settings, select the Pay Period Tab

Below is a guide on how to apply edits based on the change that you are aiming to achieve

My current pay period settings are incorrect

If your current pay period settings are incorrect then click on the Edit button within the row to apply any changes required.

My company has a new pay period cycle

If your company is changing it's pay period cycle, eg: moving from weekly to biweekly. Then use the + Pay Period button to create a new pay period cycle.


Who can create and edit pay period settings?

Only users with the Workyard role of Administrator can add and edit pay periods.

If I apply a change to an existing pay period setting how does this impact time cards?

This will change which time cards are grouped within each pay period cycle based on the new cycle and start date applied. If any changes are made to the start day of the work week, overtime calculations on previously generated time cards will not be updated. Please contact if you require these to be recalculated.

Our customer support team is always here to help if you have questions or need assistance. Contact us at or message us via the Help icon.

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