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Repeating Tasks

Learn how to create tasks that repeat on a regular schedule for your team or projects

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How It Helps

If you have tasks that happen every couple of days, every week or any type of regular schedule using the repeat option will help you create tasks that are recurring, so you only have to set them up once. You can create recurring tasks for both people or projects on Workyard.

How It Works

To create a new repeating task:

  1. Go to your schedule and click on + Task

  2. Under Repeat, select your recurrence rule. Options available are: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly

  3. Once you select the type of recurrence rule you can tweak how often your task repeats based on days, weeks or dates.

  4. Under Ends, select the option for when you'd like the repeating task to end.

You can also edit existing tasks to apply a new repeat option.


If I create a repeating task will it be visible on the mobile app to my workers?

Yes, any repeating tasks created are accessible to your workforce on the mobile app.

Can I edit the start date, due date or recurring rule on a repeating task?

Yes. An example, you may want to change the start date as it falls on a holiday. When editing the start date or due date, the update will only be applied to task you are editing. If you are editing the repeat rule, you will be given the option to apply the edit only to the task you are editing. Repeating tasks that have a start date or due date in the past can not be edited.

Do tasks notes and checklists appear on repeating tasks?

Yes. If you are creating a new repeating task any notes or checklists added will also be displayed on the repeating task. If you add a note or checklist after creating a repeating task, you'll be asked if you want to apply the edit only directly to the task you're editing or also apply to all future repeating tasks.

Can I edit checklists or notes attached to repeating tasks?

Yes. You'll be asked if you'd like to apply the edit to the task you're directly editing or also apply to all future repeating tasks if you are the creator of the repeating task.

Can workers add notes and update checklists on repeating tasks?

Yes. When a worker adds a note or updates a checklist on a repeating task you they have not created it will only update the task they are directly editing.

Are there any limits on how many repeating tasks I can create on my account?

No, there are no limits.

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