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How Project Managers Approve Project Time
How Project Managers Approve Project Time

Learn how to set up managers to be able to approve time by project

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How It Helps

With Workyard, project managers can now approve time records of specific projects instead of the entire time card.

Project managers play a crucial role in overseeing projects, managing costs, and coordinating with the project crew. Their responsibilities may extend to the review and approval of project time records submitted by the crew.

In instances where a crew is engaged in multiple projects throughout the day, they may associate various project time records with a single time card. It becomes reasonable to expect that a project manager should only be required to approve time records specific to their assigned project.

Workyard facilitates this process by enabling project managers to exclusively approve the time records associated with their respective projects on a given time card. This feature ensures that, in cases where project managers do not have access to view other projects, they can focus solely on approving the relevant time records linked to their own projects.

The final approval of a time card occurs when all project managers associated with the projects on that time card have given their approval.

How It Works

  1. First step is to add project managers when you add a new project or edit an existing one. Please note that only admins or managers can be made a project manager.

  2. As project manager, navigate to the new Group by Project and Cost Code view on the Time Cards dashboard.

    The table above shows project-specific time as reported by the worker based on the cost code for each day during the selected period.

    For e.g. If a worker tagged 4 hours each for Project A and Project B in a single time card, this table will show 4 hours for Project A and 4 hours for Project B separately.

  3. Select the period to filter the project time.

  4. You may optionally also select specific projects from the filter functionality.

  5. Time records of workers who tagged the selected project during the selected period will be displayed as a list broken down by workers and cost codes.

    1. Records from only one project is shown at a time.

    1. If there are multiple projects that meet the filter criteria, you can navigate between the projects using left and right arrow buttons

  6. Any worker who has not submitted time for the selected project will not be displayed.

How is time card approved?

A time card is approved when all the project time records attached to the time card are approved.

^A time record is the combination of number of hours + tagged projects + tagged cost codes. One time card can have multiple time records based on number of projects tagged to the time card. 

Who all can approve the time card?

Project managers with Restricted time card and Restricted project access can approve the time records specific to their own projects only.

An admin or a manager with access to All the time cards and All projects can approve any time card irrespective of the projects tagged to it.

[Important] To restrict a project manager from approving the time of other projects, simply change his Time Card access permissions to Restricted as shown below.

A manager can either have Restricted time card and Restricted project access OR All time cards and All project access only.

If a project manager has the permission to access all time cards, he can approve the time records from the projects where he is not a project manager.

Please note that if the selected time approver of the time card is also the project manager of the tagged project, he/she will be able to approve the entire time card even with restricted project access. 

Number of approvals required for a time card

Total number of required and received approvals of a time card are shown in the Time Cards view as shown below.

Total number of required approvals for a time card is the number of unique projects tagged to the time card which have an assigned project manager +1 if there is at least one project with no assigned project manager tagged to the time card.

For example, if time card has two projects Project A and B with project managers A and B respectively tagged to it then, number of required approvals will be 2.

If two additional projects Project C and Project D which do not have an assigned project manager are also added to this time card then total numner of required approvals will be 3 (2 for projects A and B +1 for projects C and D).

When an admin approves the time card - a single approval is sufficient but the number of approvals will still reflect the total required approvals.

Reviewing the approval status of project's time record as admin

As admin, you can review the approval status of the project's time record by checking the colored dot in front of the time value as shown below. As admin you may hover over the dot to review who has provided the approval.

Orange = Approved

Blue = Pending for approval

Approving project time on mobile app

It is now possible to approve project specific time as a project manager on Workyard's mobile apps.


Go to Projects > Select a Project > Select Team member tab to view the list of workers and their cumulative project time split by cost codes for the selected pay period.

Project hub

Project time records

Break down of cumulative project time

To access the source time card of the project time record, use the green eye icon shown above.

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