How to use Project Groups in Workyard

Learn how project groups can help you to use Workyard more efficiently.

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Projects in Workyard can be grouped together to create Project Groups in Workyard. A project group is similar to a tag assigned to each project. There is no limit on how many groups can be assigned to a project. Multiple project groups can have the same project as well.

Why use Project Groups in Workyard?

By creating project groups, you may save lot of time and effort by avoiding repetitive actions that need to be applied to multiple projects or select multiple projects with single click for any operation. Some examples of how to use project groups are listed below:

  1. Export time reports of specific projects instead of all projects

  2. Filter time cards by project groups for review

  3. Filter Activity feed for specific projects

  4. Many more use cases are coming soon

How to set up and manage a project group?

Only an admin can setup a project group in Workyard. To create a project group:

  1. Go to Project Hub --> Groups

2. Click on +Group to create a new group by assigning a name and projects to the group.

[Important] When All Projects option is selected, it creates a project group with all the existing active projects. A project added in future will not be added to such a group automatically. Admin has to assign them manually.

3. Only admin can Edit, Archive or Delete a project group from the project group list.

Archiving a project group

Archived project groups are not visible in Project Hub and cannot be used for any operation. An archived group can be restored. When it is restored, project relationships with the archived groups are restored as well.

To restore the archived project groups:

  1. Go to Archived project group list from the dropdown in top left of the Groups screen

  2. Select Restore from options as shown below.

Deleting a project group

A deleted project group cannot be restored. Assigned projects are removed from the group completely.

How to assign a project to a project group?

When adding or editing a project details, simply select the project group from the Project Group field in the form as shown below.

Using project groups in Workyard

  1. Filter Activity feed by Project Group: Simply select Project Groups as the filter criteria and then select the specific project groups to filter the activity feed updated by project grouo

  2. Review time data by project group:

    1. Select the Project Time tab

    2. Apply Project Groups as the filtering criteria

    3. Select the groups to filter the time data by projects which are assigned to the project groups

  3. Download reports by project groups:

    1. Go to Reports on Time card dashboard.

    2. Select a project group and generate the report.

    3. Downloaded report will only show the data from projects assigned to the selected project groups.

    4. More than 1 project group can be selected

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