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How to use Team Member Groups in Workyard
How to use Team Member Groups in Workyard

Group team members to manage multiple team members with ease in Workyard

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With Team member groups, an admin can assign team members to multiple groups. Only an admin can create team member groups. Groups make it easier and more efficient to quickly complete actions which involve multiple team members.

Why create team member groups?

  • Save time on repetitive actions

  • Selectively review time data of team members

  • Download reports for multiple team members quickly

How to create and manage team member groups?

  1. Go to Team Members --> Groups

2. Add a group with +Group

Important: Selecting All Team Members option creates a group with all the active team members. Any future team members are NOT automatically added to such a group. Admin has to assign them.

Archive or Delete a team member group

  • Archiving a team member group makes it inaccessible within your account.

  • Archived team member group can be viewed in the Archived Groups list.

    • Archived team member group can be Restored to use it.

  • Deleting a team member group will permanently delete the group and it cannot be retrieved again.

How to assign team member group to a team member?

You may assign the group to an existing team member or an invited team member by:

  1. Going to Team Member --> Edit the team member --> Edit Job Information

  2. Add the group from Team Member Group field.

  3. If you have not added a group already, click on 'Create new group' option

How to use team member groups in Workyard ?

  1. Easily assign task to multiple team members: When creating a task, assign it to a group instead of selecting individual team members from the Team Members drop-down.

  2. Download time reports by team member groups: From the Time Cards dashboard, now it is possible to download the time reports of multiple team members using groups quickly. Simply select a group instead of individual team members from Team Members drop-down.

  3. Quickly filter the time data of team members for review using groups: On the Time Cards dashboard, filter the time cards by team member groups instead of selecting multiple team members.

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