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Updates to Workyard's Manager Settings
Updates to Workyard's Manager Settings

Learn about the new updates to permission settings of manager role

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We have streamlined the permission settings of the Manager's role in Workyard to ensure clarity and consistency with current and future features.

Starting from EOD Feb 28, 2024, Managers will now be assigned one of two permission sets only:

- All time card AND All project access, or
- Restricted time card AND Restricted project access.

If you select Restricted time card access, system will automatically default to Restricted project access for the manager and vice versa. Similarly, selecting either All time card or All project access will only let you select All access permissions only.

These adjustments will help ensure that access rules align properly and maintain the integrity of your team's workflows. Don't worry, other permission options related to editing time cards and restricting access to financials will remain unchanged.

If any of your Managers are currently using the deprecated permission settings, their permissions will automatically update to Restricted time card access AND Restricted project access. This means they'll still have access to what they need, just in a more targeted way.

You can manually update the permission settings after the update if the managers are required to access all time cards or projects.

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