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Time-Off Requests and Approvals

Describes how team member can send time off requests for approvals.

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Team member can send time-off requests to assigned time approvers and admins for approval. A time-off request can be approved by the assigned time approver, organization admins and managers with permission to approve time-off requests of any team member.

Add a time-off request

Web Application

  1. On web application, Go to Time Cards Hub --> Time Off and click on +Time Off

  2. Select the type of leave for the request. Only leave policies assigned to the team members with role Worker are shown. Managers and Admins can view all the other leave policies. Only admins can view the Holiday Pay.

  3. When creating a request to be sent for approval, select the approver to notify them to review the request.

  4. Specify date or date range and number of time off hours for each day of the selected date range. You can add multiple date ranges by clicking on +ADD DATES

  5. Providing a Reason is optional.

  6. A summary of number of days and total hours is shown in the blue box. Click on Save to submit the request.

  7. Request is submitted in Pending state until it is Declined or Approved by the approver.

Set-up time-off policies for time-off and holiday pay

Before team member can send requests, admins have to setup time-off policies for their organization. Learn how to setup time-off policies and allocate holiday pay from here.

On iOS and Android app

  1. Go to Time Cards --> Time Off and click on +Time Off in iOS and hovering + button in Andorid to open the form to create a time-off request.

  2. Select Type of Leave, Approver.



  3. Add dates and number of hours for each day of the date range for the time-off period. For e.g. you might want to take full day leave on Day 1 but only take 2 hours off on Day 2. In this case, please add 2 dates, one for full day and another one for 2 hours.

  4. Provide the Reason for time off request and Save it to submit the request.

  5. Request is saved as a Pending request until Decline or Approved by the approver.

Selecting Approver

  • Only Managers and Admins can approve leave requests. Requestor can send the request to any manager or admin - who are permitted to approve the request.

  • Workers can send leave request to assigned time approvers or managers who have the permission to approve time-off requests.

  • A manager cannot approve his own request. He can send the request to his assigned time approver or admins.

  • An admin can approve or update any time-off request.

Status of time-off request





  • Except for admin, requests are created in pending stated when requested by any team member.

  • A pending request can be edited by the requestor or approver as long as it is not approved or declined.

When manager or admin create a time off request on behalf of any other team member, it is immediately approved.


  • An approver can decline pending request of assigned team members.

  • An admin or a manager to edit ALL team member requests can decline any requests.

Declined request can be deleted but it cannot be updated.


  • An approver can approve pending request of assigned team members.

  • An admin or a manager to edit ALL team member requests can approve any requests.

Approved request can be deleted but it cannot be updated.

Approving time-off requests

  • Only admins and managers with permission to edit time off requests can approve or update a time-off request.

View and Approve permission

Admin can update manager permission settings to edit time-off requests or view time-off requests from profile settings of a manager user.

There are two main permissions:

  • View Team Member Time Activity: This allows managers to view the work time and time-off activity of either all the team members or only assigned team members.

  • Edit Time Off: Admin can use this to specify if a manager can update and approve the time-off requests of all team members or only assigned team members or none of the team members.

    • For e.g. If you need a supervisor to view the approved time-off requests of all the team members but not allow them to approve any time off requests - select "Access to all time cards" under View permission and "No" under Edit Time Off permission. This is useful for scheduling managers.

Manager and admin can update the time-off request before it is approved based on permission settings as shown above. To review requests pending for approval, manager and admin can navigate to:

  • Web app: Go to Time Cards --> Time Off

  • Clicking on the request will open the form to decline or approve it.

  • Requests can be bulk updated.

  • On iOS and Android apps: Go to Time Card --> Time Off, to view requests pending for review.



Tap a pending request to Decline or Approve the request. Approver can add a note when reviewing the request.

This feature is available to customers on Workforce Management plans only. Customers on Time Tracking plan can try this feature as a limited period free trial and upgrade to Workforce Management plan to continue to use it.

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