We're building Workyard to give construction workers like you a hassle-free way to report their work hours and get paid what you deserve.

Get paid what you deserve

Workyard is the easiest way for you to show your company proof of your hard work so you never get paid less than you deserve. Your location data helps you provide that proof.

Help improve your company

Your company benefits because Workyard provides them better visibility into the profitability of each job allowing them to continue making the improvements required to grow the company.

Only when you're on the clock

The most important thing to know is that when you're clocked out or on a break, your location data is no longer shared with your company. To make sure all of this is transparent, let's talk a little more about how this works on your mobile phone.

In order for Workyard to generate time cards for you, your mobile phone requires you to enable "Always Allow" so Workyard has access to your location data even when you're not using the app. We can see why the message you receive from Apple or Google to grant this permission would give you pause.

But let us share exactly what we do with your location data.

Even though Workyard has access to the location data from your phone the app never records that data or shares it with your company unless you're clocked in.

The reason Workyard requires the "Always" setting has everything to do with how the phone is designed. If you used the "While Using" setting instead of "Always Allow" your phone would require that the Workyard app stay open and your phone stays on at all times.

That's impossible.

For one, you're going to need to access different apps throughout the day. If you don't enable "Always Allow" the Workyard app will stop working every time you use a different app. This will result in your hours worked not showing up properly on your time card.

The other reason it's impossible to leave an app running all day can best be explained through an example. If you've ever used a map app on your phone like Waze you'll know what that means to your battery life. Let's just say it's a drain.

While you're working, the "Always Allow" setting enables Workyard to run in the background in the phone's locked state without draining your battery and it frees you up to use all the other apps on your phone. As soon as you take a break or clock out Workyard stops recording and sharing your location data with your company.

Proof even when you forget to clock in

One of the biggest headaches with keeping track of your hours comes when you forget to clock in. No matter how diligent you are eventually you'll forget. And when you do Workyard is going to provide the proof you need.

With Workyard your company can create projects using their locations. Workyard uses those locations to create geofences that recognize when you arrive on the job site so the app can remind you to clock in. Even if you forget to clock in on arrival, when you eventually do Workyard will show the earlier time you arrived.

Workyard does not share your location or arrival time with your company until you actually clock in.

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