We’ve worked with thousands of contractors to make Workyard the time tracking app that gets crew approval. When you invite your employees we send them a text message to easily download the app. From there they’ll be able to clock in and out with just a few taps a day.

Adding A Worker

Send An Invite

You can quickly add employees when you first sign up for Workyard by following the prompts as shown below.

What to do if your employee doesn't have an email address

When you invite an employee on Workyard we require that you enter an email address to create their unique account. The problem is that sometimes you don't know their email address or they don't have one at all.

That's okay, because as long as you have a mobile phone number for your employee it's easy to get them started on Workyard.

Here's a way to get them started if you don't have their email address:

You can modify your own email address to invite your employees. Let's say your email address is jack@fastbuilders.com and your employee's first name is Thomas. When you send their invite use jack+thomas@fastbuilders.com for the email field as pictured below. If you have another employee named Blake, repeat the above by using jack+blake@fastbuilders.com.

Be sure to use an accurate mobile phone number for them because we'll send a text message so they can download the Workyard app on their phone and get started right away.

Add More Workers Later

You can return to the Team Members section of Workyard at any time to add additional employees by clicking Invite.

By quickly setting pay details for your employee once, Workyard will automatically run pay rate calculations, factor in breaks & overtime, and calculate worker’s compensation.

Hot Tip: If you’re adding an employee to manually create time cards and see how our time tracking works make sure to enter an effective date that is earlier than today’s date. You will not be able to make time cards dated earlier than the effective date

Add Team Member Details

Just enter your worker's full name, email address, mobile phone – we'll use this to send them a text to get the app so they can clock in and out on their own device – role, and assigned time approver and we'll send them an invitation to get started.

Configure Overtime Settings

Select Paid or Unpaid meal breaks for the employee you’re adding and Workyard will factor that into their labor costs on each time card.

If employees are eligible for overtime select Non-Exempt. If they are ineligible for overtime select Exempt.

If you’ve selected Non-Exempt please select which overtime rules apply to your company and Workyard will handle all the calculations for you on each time card your employee submits.

View of the overtime settings configuration screen in Workyard

Configure Pay Rate

Note: Be careful when setting the effective date for each employee. You will not be able to manually create any time cards for that employee dated prior to the effective date.

Set your pay type as salary, hourly, or 1099.

Set the pay rate for the employee.

Configure the optional worker's comp code. We'll figure that into our overtime calculations.

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