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How To Review Time Card Locations
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How It Helps

With the Locations map feature, you can effortlessly monitor the real-time whereabouts of your crew. Easily locate which projects each employee is located at or which employee is closest to a project.

How It Works

Locations Map View

Log in on your desktop computer on, then click on the Time Cards page. The time card page allows you to access your team's time cards in different ways, such as by Time Card, Project Time, or Locations. By selecting Locations on the website and Crew then Map on the mobile app, you can view a live map showing the current location of your team members for their current time card or where they have previously submitted time cards. Moreover, you can also display your projects on the map view, making it convenient to locate the nearest team member for each project.

How to Filter Time Cards

From the time card page on the website, you can filter which employee's time cards are displayed on the locations map in three ways:

Group Filters

  • All Time Cards: This option is available to Administrators & Managers. It displays all time cards for team members they have access to.

  • Assigned Time Cards: This option is available to Administrators & Managers. It displays time cards where they are assigned as a time approver.

  • My Time Cards: This option is available to Administrators, Managers & Workers. It displays their own time cards.

Date Filters

  • Daily: View your team member's location for the day selected. Use the arrows to scroll between days.

Attribute Filters

To further refine your search, select one or more different types of time card attributes:

  • Team Member: Filter by team members who have clocked in

  • Time Card Status: Filter by Clocked In, Clocked Out, Approved, or Exported

  • Time Approver: Filter by team members who are assigned as a time approver

  • Alerts: Filter by time card alerts applied on the time card

The Locations Map

On the locations map on the website and the mobile app, you can view all the places your team has visited the previous day or their current location in real time for the day.

Team Members List: To simplify navigation, you can utilize the Team Member's list. This will help you locate each employee on the map or identify which team members haven't clocked in or submitted a time card.

Show Projects: In order to view the location of all your projects on the map, simply check the 'Show Projects' box. This helpful feature allows you to easily determine which team members are situated at a particular project or in close proximity to it.

Map View (Website only): To modify the map's visuals, all you need to do is choose from the options of Map, Roads, Satellite, or Hybrid.

Zoom In and Out: To magnify the map, press the '+' button, and to reduce the size, use the '-' button on the website. When using the mobile app, simply use two fingers to pinch inwards to zoom in and pinch outwards to zoom out.

Team Member's Location

If you want to check the location of your team members, hover your mouse over their profile pinpoint on the locations map on the website or tap the profile pinpoint on the mobile app. A popup will appear showing the employee's name, location, and the date and time of the location pinpoint. The project name will also be displayed if the employee is located within a project geofence.

To access a team member's GPS time card details, simply click on their profile pinpoint on the locations map. This will bring up a sidebar with the relevant information. To view the time card details in full, click on the 'View Time Card' button and a new tab will open with the user's details.


My team member is clocked in, but why can't I see their timecard?

  • Check you have not applied any group, date, or attribute filters that would filter out the time card you are looking for.

  • If you leave the time cards page open and a person clocks in after you have loaded the page, you will need to refresh the page to see the latest updates.

  • If the person clocked in is offline, then the time card record will not be uploaded until they reach an internet connection.

  • If the time card has an entire session of no gps signal or is a "Manual" entry then there will no location that is available to be plotted on the map. In this case, the clock in / out details can be viewed by clicking on the team member on the team members list.

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