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Time Clock Rule: Auto Insert Meal Breaks
Time Clock Rule: Auto Insert Meal Breaks

Learn how the auto insert meal break rule works

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How It Helps

By enabling this rule, your admin team can spend less time editing time cards to add meal breaks forgotten by your team. This rule will automatically add a meal break to a time card on clock out if it detects no meal break has been added by your team member. It also enforces a minimum meal break time to always be required after a certain number of hours are worked.

How It Works

How to set up a meal break rule

  1. Login via Go to Settings > Organization

  2. Then, go to Time Clock Rules

  3. From Time Clock Rules, navigate to the group that you would like to apply the rule to

  4. Within the group, scroll down the Insert Meal Breaks and click on + Meal Break Rule button

  5. The first meal break rule will appear. In the first HH:MM field enter the minimum break time your require in HH:MM format. For example 30 minutes, would be entered as, 00:30. In the second HH:MM field enter the minimum hours worked that you require in order for this rule to apply. For example 5 hours, would be entered as, 05:00.

  6. There is also an option to add a Second Meal Break Rule if you have a requirement for your workforce to take a second meal break during their shift after a certain number of hours.

  7. Click Save once you have configured your rule to apply the changes

Meal & Rest Break Reminders

When configuring a meal break rule you also have the option to switch on / off meal and rest break push notifications reminders:

  • Meal Break Reminders: This sends a meal break push notification with a reminder to take a meal break based on the meal duration and minimum work hours configured. For example, if you configured a 30min meal break being required after 5 hours of work, the meal break reminder will be delivered 30min before the 5hrs of work time is met.

  • Rest Break Reminders: This sends a rest break push notification reminder after 2hrs of work and then post 2hrs work after the first meal break is registered. Users are note required or able to enter rest break times on their time cards.

How meal break rules work

When any team member who has this rule applied attempts to clock out our app will automatically insert a meal break at the time configured. A wand will appear if the break is auto applied with a description of the rule configured.

If a team member attempts to delete the break or apply a break duration that is below the minimum amount an error will be displayed asking them to enter the meal break time required.

Once the team member has clocked out, if they have not entered a meal break time our app will automatically insert one based on the minimum amount of work hours configured. You'll see the following wand icon when a meal break is inserted:


Can a team member clock out without a meal break if this rule is switched on?
No they can not. If this rule is switched on, on every time card created with the minimum hours configured a break for the minimum amount specified must be added in order to clock out.

Can I configure a minimum to maximum amount of break time allowed?
No. You can only configure the minimum amount of break time you expect. For example, if you enter 30 minutes, this means the team member must add a break of 30 minutes or more.

Does the insert meal break rule work if the user is offline?

Yes it does. Meal break rules still work if a team member does not have an internet connection as we cache the last update we received. If you change the rule details while the team member is offline then the correct rules will not be applied as we require an internet connection to apply any updates.

How does the meal break rule get applied if a time card is auto clocked out?

The auto clocked out time card will have a meal break inserted based on the rules configured.

Does this rule apply to admins or managers creating time cards on behalf of team members?
No it does not. The rule only applies when the team members themselves are clocking in.

Our customer support team is always here to help if you have questions or would like some help. Contact us at or message us via the Help icon.

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