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Time Clock Rules & Groups

Learn how you can utilize time clock rules to increase the accuracy of your time keeping and reduce edits

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How It Helps

Time clock rules and groups allow you to configure automations and restrictions on how your workforce can clock in and out. It helps increase the accuracy of your timekeeping and minimize the effort on editing incorrect time cards.

How It Works

Time Clock Rule Groups

Time clock rule groups contain the list of team members and configured rule settings. The two main types of rule groups that can be managed are Default and Custom Groups.


The default group contains any team members that are not part of a custom group. Any new team members invited are automatically added to the default group. To remove a team member from a default group you will be required to assign them to create a custom group.


Custom groups can be created by Administrators and Managers for specified team members and rule settings. Within you account, you can have an unlimited number of groups. Any time a team member is added to a group, they are automatically removed from the default or any other groups they were previously assigned to.

Rule Settings

Team Members

Every team member within Workyard must be assigned to either a default or custom group. The list of team members shown within the group shows who the rules are being applied to.

Clock Permissions

Clock Permissions allows you to control certain actions your workforce can take on their time card:

  • Time Tracking: Allows team members to use the time clock.

  • GPS Tracking: Enforces GPS tracking permission to begin when clocking in

  • Allow editing of clock in and out times: Allows the team member to edit clock in / out times until the time card is approved

  • Tag time to projects and cost codes: Enforces the requirement of time being tagged to projects and/or cost codes before clocking out

Time Limits

Time limits allow you to place in boundaries for when you would like team members to clock in from, clock out by or the total amount of hours allowed per time card:

  • Clock in from: Do not allow any clock ins before this time

  • Clock out by: Do not allow any clock outs before this time

  • Total daily hours: The maximum amount of time allowed per time card

All time limit configurations are optional, which means you don't have to use them. This gives you the flexibility to apply only the ones that are most useful for you, or to use all of them together if that suits your preferences.


Geofence rules allow you to configure time clock rules based on detected geofence entries and exits.

  • Restrict clock in by geofence: Allows you to restrict team members to only be able to clock in within a geofence. Learn more here

  • Auto clock in by geofence: Automatically clocks in a team member when they are detected entering a geofence. Learn more here

  • Auto trim clock out by geofence: Automatically trims the clock out time based on the last visited geofence. Learn more here

Auto Insert Meal Breaks

Meal break rules allow you to configure automatically inserting a minimum amount of meal break time on every time card after a certain amount of hours worked. Learn more here


Can users with a Manger role type view, create and edit time clock rule groups?

Yes they can! Managers can create and view time clock rule groups. If a Manager has restricted time card access, then they will only be able to create and edit time clock rules for team members where they are assigned as a time approver. Although they can view all team members assigned to rule groups.

Can users with a Worker role type view, create and edit time clock rule groups?

No they can not. Workers can not view, create or edit time clock rule groups.

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