Delete Projects & Reassign Time

Learn how to delete projects and reassign any tagged time

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How It Helps

When you delete a project you can reassign any time tagged to it to another active project on Workyard. By doing this, you can ensure that you do not lose any project time tagged when deleting a project.

How It Works

To delete a project:

  1. Log in via and go to the Project Hub menu item

  2. Click on the Three Dot icon on the project hub table and select Delete Project

  3. A dialogue box will appear to confirm if you'd like to select a project to reassign time to or delete without reassigning


Can I archive a project if it is no longer active instead of deleting it?

Yes. Here is a helpful article on how to archive projects on Workyard.

What happens to cost codes that were assigned to the deleted project?

Any time assigned to cost codes will also be transferred over to the selected project

Are time cards be deleted if I delete without reassigning to another project?

No. No time cards are removed when deleting a project without reassigning. The tagged time to the project will be updated to unallocated.

What happens to the geofence when I delete a project?

The geofence connected to the project will automatically be disabled if it is not being used for on other active projects on Workyard.

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