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Washington meal & rest break reminders
Washington meal & rest break reminders
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Meal & Rest Break Reminders

If your organization is based in Washington, any team member who clocks in will receive the following reminders:

  • A reminder to take a rest break after being clocked in at least 2 hours

  • A reminder to take a minimum 30 min meal break after if they have been clocked in for 4h 30m.

To receive reminders, push notifications must be enabled for the Workyard app

Meal Break Clock Out Alert

When clocking out, if a meal break has not been entered, an alert will appear as a reminder to enter meal break times before submitting their time card.

Auto Insert Meal Breaks

To create a custom meal break rule that automatically inserts meal breaks if none have been entered:

  1. Go to Company Settings. Under State of Headquarters disable the default state break rule

  2. Go to Time Clock Rules. Under Automate Meal breaks, configure your rule. Learn more on how this works here.

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