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How To Set Up Projects & Geofences

Effortlessly track time, costs & activity on projects you're working on. Get started in minutes with our how-to guide.

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How It Helps

Track Time & Costs

Workyard makes it effortless to track time and costs against the projects you’re working on. By setting up projects in Workyard your employees will be able to tag time against those specific projects. Workyard uses that data to automatically generate reports to give you the visibility you need into what your projects are costing you.

Track employee entries & exits
By setting up your projects, Workyard uses project geofences to give you an audit trail of actual entrances and exits from each one of your job sites. No more uncertainty about when your team members actually arrived on site. It’s the kind of proof you need to know what’s going on.

Auto detect arrivals
Worried your workforce will forget to clock in? Project geo-fences will start tracking as soon as an arrival is detected and send clock in reminders.

Auto track Mileage & Travel Time
Any driving detected in time cards is automatically assigned to the arrival project to get accurate mileage & travel time reports for each project.

Collect notes, photos & docs
Field teams can share notes or attach files to specific projects from time cards or tasks, making it easy for you to view & collect all notes in one place.

How It Works

  1. Go to the Project Hub on your desktop or mobile and click on the + Project button

  2. To create a project you'll need to enter a few required details on the Add Project form:

    1. Project name

    2. Customer name

    3. Project Location: This will create a geofence. More than one geofenced location can be added to a project. If you don't have an address you can enter in GPS coordinates.

There are also further optional fields you can use:

  • Cost Codes: Enables your labor cost reports to not only be segmented by project & team members, but also cost codes. Select the cost codes you’d like to track against the project. The cost codes selected will be the list your workforce can select from when tagging time to a project on their time cards.

  • Project Managers: Allows you to control the level of access to projects for users that you have set up with a ‘Manager’ role type. You can restrict access to project hours, activity, and financials for Managers through the user's Manager Settings.

Importing Projects

  1. Log in via on your computer, go to the Project Hub page click on + Project button then select Import Projects.

  2. From the Import Projects, dialogue box, you can select the integration option where you can source importing customer / jobs from or use a spreadsheet, to import a bulk list

For QuickBooks Online Accounts

Learn about turning on auto importing for QuickBooks Online. This auto imports job you create from QuickBooks Online to Workyard every 15-30 minutes.

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