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Set-up Time Off Policies and Managing Holiday Pay
Set-up Time Off Policies and Managing Holiday Pay

Learn how to capture time off activity, allocate holiday pay to team members and generate time off reports

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With the addition of Time Off Tracking to Workyard, Admins and Managers will be able to manage workforce's time off with ease and reliability.

This feature is available on iOS and Android apps along with Workyard desktop application.

What is Time Off Tracking?

Time Off Tracking is a feature designed to streamline the process of monitoring and managing your construction workers' time off requests and activities directly within our platform. Whether it's vacation days, sick leave, or any other form of time off, this feature empowers you to efficiently handle and track it all.

Key Benefits

  • Simplified Management: Easily capture the time off activity of team members within Workyard.

  • Centralized Data: Keep all time off records in one centralized location for easy access and reference.

  • Improved Transparency: Enhance transparency by providing your team with clear visibility into their time off activity

  • Efficient Reporting: Generate comprehensive reports on time off usage.

  • Robust approval process: Allow workers to send time-off request to be approved by managers and admins.

How to Use Time Off Tracking

Admins and Managers to create time off requests on behalf of their team members for future or past dates. Only admins can allocate Holiday Pay to team members.

Sending time-off requests for approval

Team member can send leave requests to managers and admins for approval. Learn how time-off approvals work from here.

  1. Set up a leave policy

    1. Go to Organization Settings --> Time Off Policies to either add a new custom leave policy or set one of the default policies live.

    2. At least one policy should be live for adding a time off record.

    3. Click on +Policy button to add a new time off policy.

    4. A time off policy can be either of the type Paid, Unpaid or Holiday Pay.

      Policies of the type HOLIDAY PAY are visible to the admins only to allocate holiday pay to all team members.

    5. When a Team Member Group is NOT selected when adding or updating a policy, it is applicable to all the team members.

    6. If a Team Member Group is assigned to a time off policy, then it can be used to create a time off record for team members assigned to the particular group only.

  2. Add a time off record

    1. Admins can create a time off record for any team member in the organization.

    2. Managers can create a time off record for:

      1. All the team members in the organization IF they have access to All time cards in the organization.

      2. Only the team members assigned to them IF they have Restricted time card access. Learn more about manager permissions here.

    3. To create a time off record including holiday pay, go to Time Cards dashboard and click on +Time Off button from the newly added Time Off tab as shown below.

    4. Select one or multiple team members or select a team member group to add time off records for multiple team members in bulk.

      1. Select the Leave Type from the drop down. Only LIVE leave policies appear in the list.

      2. Select the dates. If the number of hours vary for different dates, you may add multiple date ranges with corresponding hours per day.

      3. Add a note and Save. A summary of the time off record is shown.

      4. A time off record added by the admin or the assigned team manager is automatically approved and is visible in the Time Off tab like below.

  3. Time Off reports

    1. There are two ways to review time off data with Workyard reports:

      1. Time Reports: Download the time reports which include PTO (paid time off) hours. When downloading the report, check the box PTO.

        1. PTO hours are shown in the following reports:

          1. Time Cards (Detail)

          2. Pay period time

          3. Project & Cost Code Time (Detail)

        Please note Time Reports show only paid and approved time-off hours only including Holiday pay. To view the pending and unpaid hours, download Time Off Summary report as described below.

      2. Time Off (Summary) Report: The other option to review the time off activity of your crew for past or future dates, including pending and unpaid time off hours is to go to Report and select Time Off report option from the Download report dialog.

    2. You may download the report in PDF or .csv format. A sample is shown below.

Get Started Today

Ready to streamline your processes with Time Off and Holiday Pay Tracking? Simply log in to your account and explore this new feature today. If you have any questions or need assistance, our support team is here to help.

This feature is available to customers on Workforce Management plans only. Customers on Time Tracking plan can try this feature as a limited period free trial and upgrade to Workforce Management plan to continue to use it.

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